Article posted on 8 December 2020

The Power of Gratitude

or how much a simple gesture of gratitude can change your life or business

No matter what happens in the world or in the micro-universes of each of us, the last month of the year brings with it a favorable state for introspection, evaluation of one’s own path, making new resolutions and setting of new objectives. Thinking about the end of a cycle as uncertain as 2020, I realized that perhaps the most precious lesson I have learned over this period was practicing gratitude, the state of thankfulness.

Nobel Laureate William Faulkner said: “Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: it must be produced, discharged and used up in order to exist at all”. I would add: “to make you realize the transformative power it has on your general state of abundance.” Faulkner was just one many  world’s thinkers who realized what huge impact gratitude has on those around us, on ourselves, and over the seemingly random synchronicities of life. While Plato concluded that “A grateful mind is a great mind which eventually attracts to itself great things”, french philosopher Voltaire outlined one of the most beautiful definitions of this human quality: “Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well” Surely you have noticed, at some point, how a person who express appreciation to someone, suddenly evolves in one’s eyes, thus a transfer of qualities is produced.

Many studies have shown that when we have thoughts and manifestations in the sphere of gratitude to those in whose presence we grew up, or those who have somehow shaped our personal and professional evolution (with a positive contribution or on the contrary, making our existence difficult, brave or less brave, who complimented us, or at the opposite pole spoke ill of us, models to follow or avoid, etc.) we stimulate skills such as development, self-esteem, resilience and endurance. It also increases the will power and energy level in the body. Those who make a habit of expressing gratitude have less physical pain and much less psychological problems, being more productive and living moments of rest clearly superior to those who do not have such a habit.

Connected through gratitude 

There are not many things things that strengthens human inter-connection so well as the appreciation we show for others. It helps us gain trust and enhance communication in personal relationships, and even more so, in our professional relationships. Some of the greatest sellers in the world know this life lesson very well. When a boss / entrepreneur appreciates the efforts of his team, it boosts employee morale, motivates and stimulates it, not only financially.  He surely becomes a followed leader. You know, when people are treated in a way that they are capable of more, they rise to the occasion. Give your people a little and they will deliver a little. Give your people more and they will surprise you a lot. Usually we get what we give! 

 Of all the people I have worked with over time, the most successful were those who understood what kind of gratitude motivates each employee and colleague. For some, the words of praise in public are like receiving an Oscar, for others for example the gratitude can be manifested by a theater ticket or library voucher.

What I want to underline is: we can create stronger connections through gratitude. To have meaningful connections practice deep and conscious form of appreciation. Make gratitude authentic and genuine – it is felt by both the sender and the receiver. 

Turn gratitude into everyday practice

Moreover, if we read about the life and experiences of the most famous CEOs in the world, we will notice that they share the belief of the power of gratitude. LaDonna Greiner, CEO and Gratitude Guide confessed that she frequently sends thank-you emails to her team members, appreciating each time their effort, availability and efficiency in responding to requests, and when necessary sends recommendations, creates posts of gratitude on social networks or thanks and gives appreciation in public speeches. As a boomerang effect, she gets in return ten times more from everything she has offered. 

Although in our local social culture we were not coached to practice leadership endorsed by Emotional Intelligence which is actually a frequent expression of gratitude (we still live a young entrepreneurial democracy), there is no better way to create reliable and stable work environment.  Gratitude enables a culture of empathy. When we ensure the proper climate and nurture the appreciation, recognition and gratitude something extraordinary happens – engagement goes through the roof. 

 So, this transition month towards new beginnings, I invite you to notice how many things you can be grateful for, even in this difficult times we experience. 

The 4 manifestations of gratitude: 


Think / Understand 


Show / Experience

Manifesting Gratitude helps you: 

Have a positive outlook on life

Be more empathetic, more aware and happier. 

Accept challenges and changes easier

Design great ideals

Trust easier

Be successful

Be grateful by: 

Saying meaningful “Thank you!’

Appreciating people, things, situations

Being gentle with yourself and those around you

Letting go of “stuff” you don’t need anymore.

Dare for more// Lilia