Article posted on 27 January 2021

Discover your “inner dragons” to discover the purpose of your life

Purpose, several ways to discover it

There are multiple  ways one can discover the purpose for a meaningful life, the passions that create dreams and goals that help us stay physically and mentally healthy and fulfilled. We can find answers by questioning ourselves about our own life, we can look for answers by reading books or even watching a movie or we can simply ask for feedback from those around us and, by really listening their opinions we can reach surprising revelations. We can also create communities in which we nurture and give feedback, this being a subtle and honorable way to (re) discover oneself. None is less effective than the other, it only matters what suits each one of us, what works best for us at a certain point in life. But there is another way – perhaps the most uncomfortable, but with a strong therapeutic impact, which contributes primarily to our personal development – the purpose of our life is usually hidden behind our biggest fears or where our inner dragons reside.

So, if you are prepared, all you have to do is to sail in unexplored waters and meet one dragon at a time to make peace (to get  aware, to get acquainted with him and, accepting that it is there, to diminish its power over you) or even remove it completely from your system.

What obstacles can one encounter in ones journey and how can one overcome them?

Most likely, the first dragon you will face will be the materialization of your inner beliefs, the so-called moral beliefs that we inherit from parents, society, adults who marked our childhood / adolescence. One of the most dangerous beliefs is born of a pseudo state of security and comfort, and can be summarized in the rhetoric: “Why complicate your life?”.

Another powerful dragon is the conviction based on the lack of self-confidence, in the possibility of being loved just the way you are, of being relevant, and manifests itself through “You don’t need to have a purpose!” Many of the children in Romania, especially,  grew up in families where phrases like “Yaa,  you know them all…” / “You will rule the world, ha…” / ” Don’t you see that X is smarter /” You’re not good at anything “/” You shut up, you’re just a child” and so on. So all these,  created convictions, which are not necessarily bringing out the best of ourselves.

And the list can go on, but the charm lies in the fact that each of us has his own dragons and the journey is an intimate, deep, unique one. 

What applies to everyone is how we can defeat these mental-emotional-soul dragons:

• When you become aware of your fearfull thoughts, they lose their power.

• When you put an awareness spotlight on one of the  inner dragons, it loses its power of control over you – because they act only from the shadows.

• When you are face to face with a dragon, take a deep breath and look it straight in the eye. Only then will you be able to move on, and you will discover right there, behind such a dragon… the purpose of your life.

All this time, without even thinking that you are doing this, you are training your muscle of courage – essential during the uncertain pursuit of one’s own purpose.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown. That’s where your most valuable goals lie.

What inner dragons do you have to face?

Dare for more// Lilia