Article posted on 12 January 2021

What is the purpose of your life?

There are thousands of ways you can belong to your own life, primarily depending on how you relate to your story, but also to the fate of those before you and those who follow you. No matter how you choose to live, there are two great groups: the group of those whose lives are just happening before them or, at the opposite pole, of those who discover a purpose (or more) and dedicate most of their lives to it. Of course, there are also those who live according to the beliefs and dreams of those around them, but in these cases we are talking about complex socio-psychological implications that deserve to be treated separately.

You have probably read many times lots of articles about goals / objectives / ideals and most certainly you have been searching for them at least once in your life, understanding by now that it is not difficult to follow your goal, but to discover it – what is that something, unique, which gives you energy to wake up every morning, which guides your actions so that you reach the paths that are predestined for you and facilitates defining encounters and revelations. You must have wondered at least once, “What is the meaning of my life?” or “Why is it so important to have a purpose in life?”

As it is often the case, behind the most difficult philosophical questions of mankind, there are simple, almost trivial, but extremely important answers. The effort, the time, and sometimes the money you have to invest – to discover those goals that create around them, almost miraculously, an energy boost that guides your actions and helps you evolve – and is worthy of your all investment.  Having a goal means living consciously, asking questions and looking for answers. Nothing is more creative than a mind in attempt  to achieve its goals. This goals determine how different and unique we experience life, regardless of historical, social or religious contexts. Moreover, finding a purpose, whether it is a spiritual, religious, vocational one (a significant job that fulfills you), or whether it is about responsibility towards family and friends, has always been the strongest engine for evolution. In the pursuit of ideals, in attempts to materialize their passions, people have exceeded their limits, exploring initially unknown dimensions of the universe and their personal lives. Only stimulated by finding the meaning, people managed to fly, both literally and figuratively, they made scientific inventions that changed the planet forever, they managed to find happiness.

5 reasons why it is essential to find your purpose in life:

It gives life meaning – finding a purpose, a goal or more goals to accomplish gives you the feeling of meaning, fulfilemt and sens of contribution in the world.

It helps you to belong to a place, a time, a moment in the history of the world. When you discover THE element  that motivates all your resources and passion, you implicitly acquire a sense of belonging.

It helps you find out who you are – when you know where your focus is naturally, you will know who you are, and  you will not lose energy with things that are not important to you or that do not have a real impact on you.

It gives you confidence in your own strengths – when you realize that you have a reason for everything you do, that your contribution matters not only to yourself but also to others, you will be in full agreement with yourself and your own worth.

It helps you positively influence the lives of others – only by finding and pursuing your goal will you help create a better world.

IThe American novelist Kurt Vonnegut imagined perhaps one of the most beautiful dialogues between the first man on Earth and God, and the first question he asked the divinity would have been, in the artist’s vision: “What is the purpose of all these things, that You created ? ” And God … allowed him to discover why…

What are your goals for 2021, more precisely what are those goals that you have been postponing and feel that now is their time?

Start 2021 with purpose!

Dare fore more// Lilia